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Black Void / Positive Space I

Welcome to Nightmerica/ land where we need to send butterflies/ out with bulletproof vest/ On along with the best of arms.

Fuck it though/ distorted anatomy/ gun where the mind should be

Mommy told me/ ver-batium/ if these niggers, crackers, spics, or any piece of shit/ corner and then clack you/ they could never take away the weapon inside of you. Beautiful.

9-11 flyer/ Imagine day after/ Explainin’ we pray to the same god/ It’s words that’s the enemy/ ‘Terrorist’ terrorizes the terrorists, says my linguistics professor/ Shyd/ Until no one knows what the fuck terror is.

Can’t escape the dark fallacies. / stuck in a circle/ trying to use the hands of the clock/ and strangle time out of the time./ Militant as the dreamer was, wit’ DiCaprio lucidity creeper dig deeper/ Trek with the War Stars

And black out in black space/ Glitch in the matrix/ Motherlovin’ Zombie Anomaly/ Brain in a vat theory/Intelligent hunger satiate/ You are what you eat?/ Ouroboros, first law of empathy (ubuntu). 

I’m still Zhuangzi/ ‘Mist of false awakenings/ Proclaim emancipation?/ Patiently awaiting slavery ending/ 

If that’s not enough/ Gotta fight off white Prison-privileged-industrial-savior complexes/ Indoctrination hideous complexion/ what you say then to kids trapped in/ Darker skin, bigger noses, fatter lips, courser hair/ Hear, hear; there, there/ Assimilate and pull ya pants up, or/ Nothin to fear, but fear itself/ President or present tense/ Somebody didn’t listen/ Mist of blurred vision false religion/ Post racial, society - / Laugh hardily.

Straight through the kufi, yamak-ule, crucifix/ Spiddle-spit that wudu/ Who knew kafir ignostic Buddhist/ Present, would come, past terrorist/ Haha, jk, more like — used to be Sufi-Catholic, but still lick shots dome aimed/ consciousness shalom/ That’s just me history though 

Philosoph out the cave/ Don’t know how to behave/ Tell me who’s the savages/ Dumpin’ on your vantage point/ Panic, manic-depressant, ADHD/ Obsessive compulsive, paranoid/ Schizoid. Pick one/ Loop in malnutrition, underemployment/ Employ the violence/ What kind of choices is this

Marred by the deluge of the afore/mentioned. Swim in the bullshit/ Or envision Malcolm in the window-mirrored/ Memories infinite digress. Be the AK-/ Forty-seven minus five/ Ghandi / Glide through the universe/ Spaceship aquarium 2020/ Starfish constellation/ Diamond in the front, Lucy in the sky/ Bang this in your system fly/ Fly this your system. Bang! / Crumble your biased predisposition, pick your self up, grab the double-pump-missile-launcher-taser /

Similar, but more like, Peaceful disobedience civil/ Excuse the prior war-ish imagery/ Though battling passively is not battling inequality/ For the offspring of strange fruit/ Sow new seeds so / Rainbows can jump-rope with useless nooses/ Nuisances sleeping in a foxhole cozy, cuz/ We fight insomniac with canon blow a hole in the future for all the youth to grow/ Black, brown, white, red, blue/ Man. Hit the snooze. Let’s Go. 


The N-word on the 4th of July

Miike Snow

One year ago today I finished my first year of service. As I complete the last couple of months on my second I am glad that I had the privilege to work with 12 awesome persons and great students. #og #memories #mirrors #oneyear #Boston #goodpeople #awesomeness #motivation #service
First 24 in P-Town. #homesick #Boston #goodgrief
Mi dos madres. #happymothersday
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Cornel West Plans to Vote for Obama in November and Protest His Policies in February | VICE

The Amazing World of Photo Editing Before Photoshop

Today, manipulated or ‘shopped photos are common in the media and in our everyday life, but that wasn’t the case for most of photographic history. Here are some of the most interesting trick photos and image manipulations made before the first version of Photoshop was released in 1989.